McLaren Pays Tribute to Ayrton Senna with Unique Heritage Livery McLaren Senna and MCL38 F1 Car for Monaco

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McLaren is making a bold statement as it gears up for Monaco, unveiling a striking one-off race livery paying homage to the legendary Ayrton Senna, commemorating three decades since his passing. The vibrant yellow, green, and blue hues are a poignant nod to Senna’s Brazilian roots, echoing the iconic colors of his racing legacy. This tribute extends beyond the Formula 1 circuit, with McLaren crafting a bespoke livery not only for the racing car but also for a Senna road car, creating a cohesive celebration of Senna’s enduring impact.

Senna’s illustrious tenure with McLaren saw him clinch three drivers’ championships and contribute to four constructors’ championships, cementing his status as a racing icon. The chosen venue of Monaco holds special significance, serving as the backdrop for many of Senna’s triumphs, where he claimed victory an impressive six times, including five consecutive wins. The unique livery draws inspiration from Senna’s distinctive racing helmet, evoking his indomitable spirit on the winding streets of Monaco.

For the upcoming race weekend, drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will don custom-designed suits to complement the revamped aesthetics of the McLaren, ushering in a fresh chapter for the team as they strive to challenge the dominance of F1 rivals.

In a dual tribute, McLaren unveils the “Senna Sempre livery,” a transformed Senna road car borne out of collaboration with the Ayrton Senna Institute. Originally part of the pre-production Senna fleet used in the global media campaign, this meticulously crafted vehicle mirrors the F1 car’s livery with unparalleled precision. The McLaren Special Operations team leaves no detail untouched, meticulously painting every aspect of the car to mirror the racing counterpart. Complementing its exterior allure is a bespoke yellow interior upholstery, further accentuating the homage to Senna’s legacy.

While the Senna Sempre remains out of reach for prospective buyers, destined to remain in McLaren’s collection as a pre-production model, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of this automotive masterpiece at the Monaco Grand Prix, where it will be showcased for admirers to appreciate firsthand.


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