Bruno Senna Pays Tribute to his uncle Ayrton Senna in Return to the ‘Lap of the Gods’

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Thirty years after Ayrton Senna’s legendary performance, his nephew Bruno Senna returned to Donington Park to honor one of Formula 1’s most iconic moments. Ayrton’s stunning drive during the 1993 European Grand Prix, particularly his 1:18.029 lap record, remains etched in the history of the Leicestershire circuit. In a touching tribute, Bruno drove a McLaren Senna hypercar at the same track, setting a new lap record for a production road car on the ‘GP’ circuit.

The McLaren Senna: A Hypercar with Legacy

The McLaren Senna, produced in limited numbers from 2018 to 2019, represents the pinnacle of McLaren’s road and track performance engineering. This vehicle stands as the most extreme and track-focused McLaren Ultimate car, aptly named after Ayrton Senna, whose legacy continues to inspire. Bruno Senna’s record-setting lap at Donington Park adds another chapter to the family’s storied history at the circuit.

Ayrton Senna’s ‘Lap of the Gods’

The 1993 European Grand Prix at Donington Park is celebrated for Ayrton Senna’s extraordinary skill and dominance. In challenging wet conditions, Ayrton’s mastery was evident as he surged from fifth to first position within the opening lap. This feat, known as the ‘Lap of the Gods,’ showcased his ability to outmaneuver world champions with precision and unmatched instinct. Ayrton’s dominance continued throughout the race, culminating in a victory margin of over 1 minute and 23 seconds.

Continuing the Senna Legacy

Bruno Senna’s recent performance at Donington Park serves as a tribute to his uncle’s indelible mark on the world of motorsport. Driving the McLaren Senna, Bruno echoed the commitment and passion that Ayrton exemplified. The hypercar, with its lightweight carbon fiber construction, 800PS 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, and advanced aerodynamics, symbolizes McLaren’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance.

Reflecting on his uncle’s achievements, Bruno highlighted the unique challenges and excitement of driving at Donington Park. The circuit’s dynamic layout and elevation changes, combined with the McLaren Senna’s high downforce and lightweight design, provided a thrilling experience reminiscent of Ayrton’s legendary drive. Bruno’s lap time of 1:30.5s stands as a testament to both his and the McLaren Senna’s capabilities, continuing the legacy of excellence associated with the Senna name.

Bruno Senna’s tribute at Donington Park not only honors Ayrton Senna’s monumental achievements but also celebrates the enduring influence of his legacy on motorsport and automotive innovation. The McLaren Senna hypercar, a modern marvel inspired by Ayrton’s driving philosophy, embodies the spirit of relentless pursuit of excellence that both Sennas represent.


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