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AT&T Releases ‘Don’t Text While Driving Documentary’ Video

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“All because of a senseless text message”… those are the unfortunate words shared by the friends and family of ‘texting while driving’ car accident victims. Everyone has a choice in life and as we get older we tend to get wiser, thinking that we are making all of the right choices even when we are behind the wheel of a car.

Some things are completely out of our control and others rest in our ability to drive one to two tons worth of various metals, plastics, rubber and glass at speeds sometimes over 70 miles per hour. New automobiles are laced in new technologically advanced safety features, in hopes to lead us down a virtually worry-free highway. But there lies a problem. Drunk drivers, carless drivers, speeding drivers and texting drivers… There are many categories of drivers that cause accidents but one of the fastest growing issues remain to be texting while driving. In the exclusive AT&T ‘Don’t Text While Driving Documentary’ video below, a series of life-changing events take place all because of someone texting while driving. This message may seem strange to come from AT&T, one of the nation’s largest cellular phone service providers, but it is just one more step to help make our public more aware of the dangers of texting while driving.

Maybe it is time you put that cell phone down while behind the wheel of your car! What is more important, your life or that text message? Stay safe!

[source: AT&T YouTube Channel]


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