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Video: Audi Writes ‘The Legend Of quattro’

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“Moby Dick” is considered a classic piece of American literature. Written by Herman Melville, it tells the tale of Captain Ahab, a whaler obsessed with harpooning a great white whale called “Moby Dick.” On a deeper level, it’s a tale about man’s struggle with the universe, and against forces beyond his control.

Audi’s latest ads are a parody of Melville’s classic, complete with an obsessed tow-truck driver named, you guessed it, Ahab. Replace an albino sperm whale with a white A6 quattro, substitute snowbound roads for the high seas, and you get the setting for Audi’s latest pitch.

Expect to see these ads in rotation during the NFL playoffs, and they’re backed by roller banners and video ads on skiing sites, weather sites and automotive enthusiast sites.

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