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Acura NSX Concept Video Attempts to Bring Sexy Back

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You cannot make much of a convincing argument in saying that the old Acura NSX is not a sexy sports car. With that said, we dare to ask the question: Is the new Acura NSX Concept car at-all sexy or appealing? Some enthusiasts will bring up the fact that the new Acura NSX boasts a hybrid drivetrain and that ends the discussion right there. Others will let the new design marinate with a future possibility of allowing the new Acura NSX to satisfy their appetite for what the NSX was (and still is) known for. Quite possibly the new Acura NSX Concept Gran Turismo 5 (Polyphony) Promo video below will change some people’s minds… somewhat doubtful, but there is always hope in all-things sinful. Enjoy!

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