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Rumor Mill: Ferrari May Be Planning 620 HP 458 Monte Carlo Edition

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Ferrari 458 Spider Scuderia Rendering

Most times, as the age of a particular performance vehicle starts to mount, the manufacturer tends to introduce a hard-core ‘performance-boosted’ version of the said vehicle. Ferrari has passionately taken this very approach in the past and they are expected to do so again with the 562 hp Ferrari 458 Italia introducing a 620 horsepower 458 Monte Carlo edition.

Over the years, some of the most notable late model Ferrari’s to receive a special one-off performance-boost treatment were the F430 into the 430 Scuderia, the 599 GTB Fiorano into the 599 GTO, and the 360 Modena into the 360 Challenge Stradale. Each of these added performance variations of Ferrari vehicles not only added power, but they improved suspension geometry, lightened the chassis thanks to a stripped interior and other lightweight components, upgraded the brakes and added some functional visual aesthetics.

Ferrari 458 Italia Grand-Am race car

The new Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo, as reported rumors suggest, is expected to be nothing short of Ferrari’s best when it comes to re-engineering an already capable exotic vehicle. The name of the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo pays homage to where the famous Monaco Grand Prix is held. It would also be fitting that Ferrari unveils this rumored 458 Monte Carlo in Monaco.



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