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Latest C7 Corvette Teaser Shows Chevy (Finally) Rethinking The Interior: Video

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By nearly anyone’s standards, the current C6 Corvette is a remarkable sports car. Even in base form, the Corvette is capable of truly impressive on-track performance, yet it doesn’t punish those who prefer to use it as a daily driver. We’d go so far as to call the Corvette an easy car to drive fast, since its electro-nannies forgive a lot of sins made by inexperienced drivers. On the track, with the stability control programming turned off, however, the Corvette still overlooks a lot more ham-fistedness than a first-generation Viper or even a Mustang GT.

One area where the Corvette has always turned up lacking is its interior, specifically its seats. Even in higher-end models, the seats are best described as an afterthought (and we’re being generous here). Perhaps they’re light in weight, but they’re also flimsy and uncomfortably for anything resembling long-distance driving.

Chevrolet has heard this complaint before, yet it’s been idle as others have stepped up their game. The new Viper, for example, uses seats from Sabelt, the same company that supplies Ferrari. Even the Ford Mustang now has superb Recaro seats listed as an option, one we would gladly pay more money for.

As the latest Corvette teaser video shows, Chevrolet looks to be treating the new Corvette’s interior to a serious redesign. We hope that’s the case, sine the inside of the last Corvette was one of the few areas that needed improvement. In less than one month, we’ll finally learn all the details.


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