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Next Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 To Share Platform and Powertrains – Turbo 4-cyl and Hybrid Possible

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Collaborations between different automotive companies is more common than you think in deriving a completely new vehicle utilizing powertrains and body components from each end of the world. Probably a rather odd combination is the joint ventures of Toyota and BMW in their efforts to roll out the highly anticipated “next Supra” alongside of the next BMW Z4, where they are said to share platforms.


Reportedly, from sources close Toyota, reports detail the platform and powerplant shared by the next BMW Z4 and what is to come out of Toyota as the Supra we have all be waiting for after a 16-year hiatus here in the states. We have all drooled over the Toyota FT-1 concept vehicle first introduced at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Since then, enthusiasts have begged and pleaded with Toyota to build this car and it looks as if it will happy. Only thing, the FT-1 design as it sits won’t make it to production, rather a design ‘inspired’ by the FT-1. Though, hopefully we will see some of those design cues in the final product – we sure hope they do it justice. If you ask us, the FT-1 is a ‘perfect’ design we can only continue to pray to the car Gods for.


Some other sources claim that the Toyota powertrain choice for the “new Supra” will be supplied by BMW starting with a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder. In the scope of what Toyota is capable of, we won’t be surprised to see a hybrid version of the new sports car using a combination of a gas engine and electric motors to yield output around 350 horsepower. The hybrid system used will probably be like nothing we have seen before using supercapacitors and a dual-clutch transmission thrown into the mix. Whatever it is, it will work marvelously in knowing Toyota’s track record for building the boring Prius.


The new Supra will be rear wheel drive, have about 3 electric motors, have a substantial gasoline engine (turbo 4-cyl) and be a hybrid that can be plugged into assist with charging it. Target weight will be about 3,000 pounds and the German-Japanese “BMW Supra” should reach our showrooms sometime in 2017.

Of course, none of this information is set in stone, but most of it is true… really, it is. We can’t wait. Make it happen please!


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