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Lexus LFA Tribute Video Gives Us Dreams of More Excitement from the Brand to Come

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We love tribute videos, especially ones of a vehicle that will go down in history as being amazing. The famous Lexus LFA, a vehicle that sparked that excitement in the brand, even though it was not a proper halo vehicle that anyone you knew actually could afford is one that will surely captivate us for years to come. Just the sound alone from its co-Yamaha-developed 552 horsepower 4.8-liter V10 will be enough. The LFA served its purpose, from its intro in 2010 up until its 500th unit rolling off of the line in 2012, for showing the world just what Toyota/Lexus could do. As if we didn’t know already… I mean, SUPRA… Hello! We can’t wait to see what else will come from the brand. Already, the Lexus RC F is igniting a new excitement-fire for them. Now they just need a Supra-branded Toyota or some form, hopefully not too distant from the FT-1 concept car everyone is boasting about.




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