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Picking Up A Lancia Rally 037 Group B: From Prague to Jacksonville, FL – Video

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One of our good friends and Jacksonville, FL local, located a Lancia Rally 037 Group B and had to have it. In his endeavors to obtain such an intricate vehicle and one that we have adored since the early 1980’s, one of his friends was sent off on a journey to Prague to inspect the vehicle, take it for a test drive, and load it up destined for our shores.

Upon obtaining the Lancia, the idea was to eventually get it on the road, fully registered and driven like such a vehicle is supposed to be. This was not going to be a garage queen. A vehicle with such a pedigree and homologation of predecessors that have graced World Rally Championships deserves to be driven, wouldn’t you agree? Check out the quick video below capturing the find and transport of this fine example of a Lancia 037 in Martini Racing livery that you may one day see on the local streets of Jacksonville, FL.

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