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“Road To Amelia” Film Captures True Automotive Enthusiasm Through Rare Lancia Collection

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Have you ever found yourself talking to someone and you immediately discover they are nothing like you due to the fact that they could care less about your love for manual transmissions or the rush you get when carving twisty roads, or that rare occasion of traveling at triple digit speeds in a car? Fundamentally, in such a situation, there is a true car enthusiast on one end and on the other end someone who is clearly not.


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Car enthusiasts all share a common passion for automobiles and that passion is usually deep rooted from childhood. The same can be said about our good friend and local car enthusiast, John Campion, who has had fortunate life experiences to give him an opportunity to experience something that many of us car enthusiasts can only dream of – living out his passion in more ways than one.


The short film posted here is a captivating moment that will be cherished by all those involved and many who witnessed the spectacle put on at the recent 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance featuring a quartet of Lancias (1983 037, 1988 Delta Integrale, 1975 Stratos, 1969 Fulvia) owned by Campion. The film documents the journey of the Lancia collection taking local Jacksonville, FL roads (driven, not trailered) to put the vehicles on display for a prime spot in one of the most prestigious automotive shows in the world.



Take a journey and share the passion – enjoy the video!


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