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Titan Motorsports 6th Annual Open House

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Thanks to Automotive Addicts guest contributor Damiano Muhametaj for providing the excellent story and photos.

Titan Motorsports

Titan MotorsportsTitan Motorsports

Titan Motorsports 6th Annual Open House was a success and a day well spent. While the event took place in the parking lots around the actual shop building, it was needless to say that the parking field next door used for visitors was filled with beautiful cars as well.

Titan MotorsportsTitan Motorsports


Although people were not allowed to walk through the entire shop, parts of it were open to see ongoing projects such as a red twin turbo V10 Lamborghini, a widebody green Supra with what seemed to be 370 mm wide street tires in the rear (car was on lift and only the rear end was visible), and a grey Nissan GT-R R32.

Titan MotorsportsTitan MotorsportsIMG_5074


The Titan store was open with car parts, gifts, souvenirs, as well as a wall full of trophies. In the midst of the horsepower fueled adventure there was free food catering provided and a bikini contest.

Titan Motorsports

Titan Motorsports

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