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First Ever NFL Game-Day Car Show Kicks off at Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Game on August 28th

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Sometimes I have to make sure I’m not imagining things especially when the Jacksonville Jaguars come to us at our own Automotive Addicts Cars and Coffee show asking to assist them with putting on the very first NFL Game-Day Car Show. That’s right, we at Automotive Addicts will champion the very first car show held in conjunction with a NFL game – and we get to do it right here in our city of Jacksonville, FL at EverBank Field’s south end zone tailgate lot during the Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars pre-season game on August 28th.


There is no doubt that car shows and the participation of such around America are a growing force bringing folks of virtually all walks of life together to celebrate a common interest amongst many of us. That common interest is something we can all rally around and involve our local community, and, in the light of NFL football, bring the car show to the game. This show will only add to the growth and prosperity of car shows in our community, but will fortify and celebrate our hometown Jaguars by bringing automotive enthusiasts and their prided automobile to show off at the game through a special offer.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have bundled up a complete package for just $160, which includes access to feature your classic, sports or exotic car in the show, 2 game tickets, and a chance to win the Jacksonville Jaguars and Automotive Addicts Auto Show Fan Choice Award. Better yet, the winner of the Fan Choice award will receive in-game recognition as Jaguars Fans vote by text message for selection of the winner.


By now, you’re probably asking yourself, how do you get in on this fun in addition to attending the Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game. It’s rather simple. You can purchase the exclusive 2015 Jaguars Car Show package by contacting Greg Hollback via email at [email protected] or phone directly to (904) 633-5286.

Space is limited to get in on the Jaguars Car Show Game Day package – don’t let this one slip by like the opportunity to get that hot-rod car of yours out of the garage and show it off to nearly 60,000 fans at EverBank Field.


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