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Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee June 2016 Images & Coverage

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If there was ever a “HOT” car show in town, Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee for June 2016 was it. With record high temps on the books, we still managed to have a nearly-record crowd as we celebrated Ford Motor Company as our primary sponsor for the month.


There was a spectacle to have seen this month as we had an opportunity to see many fresh-off-of-the-assembly-line Ford Shelby GT350s in many different flavors, in addition to a vast variety of Ford vehicles, including a few stunning Cobras. Our new tradition of having select automotive manufacturers come out and sponsor our venue adds an exclusive appeal to what Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee as grown into over the past nine years of its existence.


We also welcomed many other makes and models from all over our city and surrounding towns, in addition to our supporting sponsors, Ford Motor CompanyThe Law Offices of Randy ReepPerformance Wealth, Tom Bush Family of DealershipsClaude Nolan CadillacThe Amelia Island Concours, all helping to keep our venue safe and thriving for many years to come.


We are looking forward to finalizing our plans for next month’s event as we lock in the details for which manufacturer or select type of vehicles to park on our upper deck at The Florida Times-Union. Mark your calendars now for July 9th and be sure to check our official Automotive Addicts Cars & Coffee information portal at for updates and to find out who will be parked on the upper deck for July. We will be thankful for another year of celebrating our independence in our good ol USA in July!



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