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SEMA 2009: Chevrolet Leno Camaro SEMA Concept car Unveiled by Jay Leno

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Get the new Camaro Z-28 out of your head for a minute while we introduce you to a twin turbo version of the 3.6-liter V-6, same NA V6 found in new Camaro LS and LT, unveiled at SEMA by Jay Leno.

It is a certain thing that Jay Leno is a gear-head with a disposable income to support his car collecting hobby. This new Leno Camaro Concept car is further proof that Jay has a big influence in the automotive enthusiasts’ world as well as the automotive industry. GM has produced a special version of the new Camaro for Jay Leno at SEMA. The kicker about this V6 Camaro concept is that it delivers V6 fuel economy while managing the output of the Camaro SS. was the first the introduce this to the online world highlighting certain performance aspects of the Leno Camaro. Enjoy the images!

Press Introduction:

Powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the 3.6L direct injected V-6 that is standard in Camaro LS and LT models, Leno’s Camaro blends high performance with surprising efficiency in a racing-ready package. A pair of Turbonetics T-3 turbochargers blows through a custom air-to-air intercooler, force-feeding the engine about seven pounds of boost and lifting its horsepower level to about 425. That’s about 40 percent greater than stock and in normal driving (when the turbochargers aren’t making boost), there’s virtually no penalty in fuel economy over the non-turbocharged 3.6L engine.

“Jay’s Camaro offers style, performance and efficiency in a big way,” said Dewar. “It delivers the power of a Camaro SS on demand, but with the fuel economy of a V-6.”

Supporting upgrades for the turbo system include a larger-capacity Be-Kool radiator and a custom exhaust system, as well as a Centerforce-supplied clutch and pressure plate for the six-speed manual transmission. The tubing for the turbo system is powder-coated blue. The powertrain was designed to deliver consistent, controllable power for both the street and race track. In fact, road racing was a primary mission for the car during its development.

Additional vehicle also support its racing intent:
• Brembo six-piston brake package
• Pedders coil-over lowering kit
• New front fascia with custom fog lamps and integral brake cooling vents
• Air extractor-style hood

The exterior styling of Leno’s car is the most radical of all the Camaro concepts at SEMA. The front fascia and hood are one-off creations as are the unique upper and lower grilles and the ground effects package (including a rear diffuser). The heritage-inspired vent styling in front of the rear wheels has been replaced with functional brake cooling ducts.


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