Ford Could Have New Pickup Truck on The Way After Trademarking “F-200” Name

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Ford could be making new significant strides in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs) as there’s a new forthcoming pickup truck name, the F-200. Their commitment to delivering innovative EVs has led to a flurry of patent and trademark applications, with the latest development being the trademark filing for the name “F-200.” This move has sparked speculation and excitement among automotive enthusiasts and industry observers.

The anticipation surrounding the “F-200” trademark stems from Ford’s promise of unveiling a range of exciting new electric vehicles in the coming years. CEO Jim Farley has been a vocal advocate for these electrified innovations, often describing them in tantalizing terms. He once referred to the forthcoming electric pickup as a “Millennium Falcon with a porch attached,” hinting at its futuristic appeal.

What sets this electric pickup, codenamed “Project T3” or “Trust the Truck,” apart from the rest is Ford’s intention to create a vehicle tailored for the digital age. Farley envisions a dynamic approach to design and development, with continuous updates to enhance its features and capabilities. In particular, Project T3 is expected to boast a more robust vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology compared to the already impressive Ford F-150 Lightning, which includes an onboard generator with multiple outlets.

One of the key questions surrounding the “F-200” trademark is how Ford plans to position this electric pickup within its lineup. Some experts speculate that it might fill the gap beneath the F-150 Lightning, potentially aligning with the midsize truck segment akin to the Ford Ranger in size. We also have thought of the idea that Ford may have a heavy duty (Super Duty).

However, it’s important to note that the trademark application itself doesn’t reveal specific details about Ford’s intentions for the “F-200” name. Instead, it serves as a protective measure to prevent others from using it. The application broadly covers “motor vehicles, namely gasoline and electric automobiles, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and their structural parts.” This leaves room for speculation about the nature of the vehicle.

Ford enthusiasts and automotive aficionados can expect the veil of mystery surrounding the “F-200” to be lifted in 2024 when Ford plans to unveil this enigmatic electric pickup. The production of the “F-200” is slated to take place at Ford’s new electric vehicle manufacturing facility, BlueOval City, located in Tennessee.

While Ford has faced challenges in meeting the high demand for its F-150 Lightning, recent efforts to triple production capacity are indicative of their commitment to electrification. This move comes in response to the growing interest in electric pickups, especially after Ford reduced prices in July, which led to a surge in consumer demand. Nonetheless, Ford acknowledges the hurdles ahead, as they reported a $1.1 billion loss in their EV business in the previous year, emphasizing the competitive and evolving landscape of the electric vehicle market.


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