Ford Announces Ownership Experiences Program for New Mustang Buyers

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In a move that aligns with the growing trend of catering to automotive enthusiasts, Ford has introduced its new Ownership Experiences program tailored exclusively for customers who become proud owners of a brand-new Mustang. This program offers a diverse array of activities, ranging from high-speed track driving schools to lifestyle events held at various locations across the nation, aiming to enhance the overall Mustang ownership experience.

Ford is set to kick off this exciting program with a bang, hosting an inaugural event known as “Track Attack” at the iconic Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. While the event itself is complimentary for buyers of the special Mustang Dark Horse edition, participants are required to cover their transportation to and from the track, as well as their lodging expenses. One notable aspect is the commitment to maintaining a 3:1 attendee-to-instructor ratio, ensuring that this experience doesn’t resemble a crowded lecture hall but rather an intimate and immersive learning opportunity.

Dark Horse owners will have the unique chance to refine their driving skills in various settings, including a skid pad, an autocross course, and the challenging Roval circuit, which combines the oval and in-field road course. However, the program goes beyond honing driving abilities; it’s designed to foster a sense of community among Mustang owners and enthusiasts. As a special treat, participants will be treated to a reception at the CMS Champion’s Club, offering breathtaking views of the race track. Ford has revealed that registrations for this exciting program will commence in 2024.

Importantly, the Ownership Experiences program isn’t exclusive to those who opt for the top-tier Dark Horse trim, which currently sits atop the regular-production Mustang lineup. Ford has plans to extend these experiences to buyers of EcoBoost-powered Mustangs and the V8-powered Mustang GT. While the full details of these events haven’t been unveiled, they are expected to include participation at the Ford Performance Racing School at Charlotte Motor Speedway, covering many of the same skills taught in the Track Attack program. Enthusiasts can anticipate a range of courses, including the thrilling line-lock burnout classes.

In addition to the track-focused experiences, Ford intends to launch “a series of roving, cross-country events” hosted in ten markets across the United States. Although the specifics of these events remain undisclosed, they will encompass lifestyle, automotive, and motorsport elements, offering participants an exciting mix of activities. Moreover, Ford aims to connect Mustang owners digitally through a dedicated online portal, resembling a forum, further solidifying the sense of camaraderie among owners. Additional details about the program’s expansion will be disclosed at a later date.

For those who prefer the great outdoors to the race track, Ford has already initiated a program called “Off-Roadeo” in 2021, exclusively for Bronco owners. This unique experience brings Bronco enthusiasts together on specially designed trails, ensuring an exhilarating off-road adventure. Participants can also partake in non-automotive outdoor activities such as fly-fishing trips, mountain biking excursions, and kayaking adventures, concluding each day’s adventures around a cozy campfire.

Ford’s Ownership Experiences program represents a captivating initiative aimed at creating lasting connections among Mustang owners while offering a diverse range of activities to suit every enthusiast’s taste, whether it be on the track or off-road, solidifying the bond between drivers and their beloved Mustangs.


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