Tesla Cybertruck Engineer: Stop Beating Up the “Tortured” Truck

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The unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck in 2019 brought with it an unconventional demonstration of its purported durability, notably when its shatter-resistant windows failed under testing. Since then, Cybertruck owners have taken it upon themselves to subject the vehicle to a barrage of damage tests, ranging from shooting it with firearms to off-road excursions and even assault with a steel ball.

These tests have garnered attention, with some enthusiasts embracing the idea of pushing the limits of their nearly $100,000 investment. Tesla engineer Wes Morrill, however, has urged owners to halt these experiments, emphasizing that the Cybertruck has endured enough “torture” for entertainment. Morrill’s plea for peaceable coexistence seems reasonable, considering the vehicle has been subjected to various forms of abuse, including being jumped on, burned, beaten, and shot multiple times.

The Cybertruck’s resilience has been a cornerstone of its marketing, with CEO Elon Musk touting it as “apocalypse-proof” and capable of withstanding bullets up to 9mm and .22 caliber. Despite Musk’s assurances, there’s been no evidence of the promised thicker fixed-pane glass windows.

Publicized instances of Cybertruck abuse include a torch and firearm test by Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything, steel ball throws by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, and even sledgehammer assaults by auto reporter Jason Cammisa. Some enthusiasts have taken the truck off-road or submerged it in water, testing its limits in various environments.

While some may consider the resulting damage a “badge of honor,” it’s unclear how many owners have sought repairs for their Cybertrucks following these tests. Nonetheless, there’s a sentiment among some owners, like YouTuber Zack Nelson, to embrace the scars left by these experiments, viewing them as a unique form of aesthetic enhancement.

While the Cybertruck’s durability has been proven in numerous public tests, Tesla engineers and enthusiasts alike are calling for an end to its “tortured” existence, allowing it to roam freely without the specter of further abuse for the sake of entertainment.

Source: Business Insider


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