Fisker Lowering Base Price of Ocean to $24,999 in Hopes to Survive

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Fisker is making moves to live to see another day as they’ve had a bit of a struggle to stay afloat. In hopes to survive, they have slashed the prices of its 2023 Ocean models. The base Ocean Sport model now starts at an enticing $24,999 before destination charges, making it the most affordable electric vehicle (EV) in America by a considerable margin, undercutting competitors like the Nissan Leaf by several thousand dollars. This move not only positions the Ocean as an affordable EV option but also places it among the cheapest SUVs available on the market.

Moreover, it’s not just the entry-level model receiving a substantial price drop. Fisker has also slashed the price of the range-topping Ocean Extreme by a staggering $24,000, now starting at $37,499, down from $61,499. This top-tier variant boasts impressive specs, including a dual-motor setup with 564 horsepower in Boost Mode and a blistering 0-60 mph time of under 4 seconds.

In addition to its competitive pricing, the Ocean offers appealing features such as an EPA-estimated range of 360 miles, a panoramic sliding roof, advanced driver-assist systems, a high-quality sound system, and more. Even the mid-range Ocean Ultra model, now priced at $34,999, offers a respectable range of 350 miles and quick acceleration.

However, despite these attractive offerings, Fisker’s financial struggles cast a shadow over the company’s future. With reports suggesting that the company may not have enough funds to survive the year, potential buyers may be wary of investing in a vehicle from a company facing financial uncertainty. Although Fisker managed to produce over 10,000 Ocean models in 2023, with around 4,700 delivered to customers, the question remains whether this significant price reduction will be sufficient to sway buyers to purchase from a company that could potentially be bankrupt in the near future. Only time will tell if Fisker’s aggressive pricing strategy will be enough to secure its survival in the competitive automotive industry.


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