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Geneva Auto Show Reaches the End, Relocates to Qatar

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The Geneva International Motor Show has been a staple in the automotive industry for years, but its recent journey has been one of decline and relocation. After a hiatus, the 2024 edition marked a short-lived return before organizers decided to call it quits due to disappointing participation from carmakers. Switzerland’s neutral ground had historically made Geneva a neutral stage for car reveals, attracting both high-end models and mainstream brands. However, the show’s decline began in 2020 when Swiss authorities canceled it due to COVID-19 concerns, leading to subsequent cancellations in the following years.

Efforts to revive the show included a split edition in 2023 between Geneva and Doha, Qatar, but it failed to recapture its former global appeal. By 2024, the show’s attendance dwindled significantly, reflecting a broader shift in the industry towards alternative methods of car launches. European attendees, typically discouraged from driving, were notably absent. The final blow came with a lack of interest from manufacturers amidst competition from other major auto shows like Paris and Munich.

Acknowledging the challenges, Alexandre de Senarclens, the organizing committee’s president, expressed regret over the decision while highlighting the industry’s difficult context and the investment required to sustain such an event. However, Geneva’s legacy isn’t entirely lost; it’s simply relocating to warmer horizons. The 2025 edition is set to take place in Doha, Qatar, in November, with uncertainty lingering over whether carmakers will continue to participate. The move signifies a new chapter for the Geneva auto show, leaving behind its Swiss roots for an indefinite period.


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