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Nissan GT-R Club Track Edition To Debut in Japan

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Nissan continues to amaze us in the department of performance and technology. When it comes to the Nissan GT-R what could you possibly do to it to improve it? How about strip it out and turn it into a dedicated track car? Sounds like a good idea because as many of us already know the GT-R is literally a heavy-weight.

Nissan tuner NISMO has set out to release a new Club Track Edition of the GT-R featuring a stripped out interior, racing seats with harness a roll cage and 20-inch Rays forged wheels from the SpecV only wrapped in sticky slicks.

Sounds like a true winner doesn’t it? Well, sure, only it is has been speculated that the GT-R Club Track Edition will only be offered in Japan as part of Nissan’s official driving program and it is not street legal. More details will be released just before its official launch in July of this year.

[sources: Autoguide via Nismo]

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