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Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Drifts Saudi Arabia

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Do you record videos of your vacations? Do you have to ply friends and relatives with free burgers and beer to sit through your home movies? I’m guessing that Vaughn Gitten, Jr. doesn’t have that problem. As a professional drifter, he gets to visit places across the globe that most of us don’t, like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Watch below to see how Vaughn spent his summer vacation, touring the Al Reem circuit (while mostly sideways).

I won’t ruin the video, but one of the best parts comes at about 2:30 in. Even pro drivers occasionally make a mistake or two, which makes me feel just a bit better about missing the occasional braking marker or blowing a line through a corner. Gittin looks like he’s having a blast throughout the video (and who can blame him), and the driver had great things to say about his Saudi fans. Gitten and crew spent the better part of a day giving locals an impromptu lesson on drifting and car setup, and we love to see pro drivers passing on their passion for the sport.

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