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Jay Leno Surprises Wounded Veteran with New Challenger Hellcat: Video

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Jay Leno, someone who has truly inspired us over many years with his heart-felt enthusiasm for cars and
just being a down-to-earth guy. Extending his giving and heart-felt nature for others, Jay Leno surprises Cpl. Ethan Laberge with a new Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Cpl. Laberge was seriously injured while serving in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber drove up and detonated himself. Two other fellow soldiers standing with him were killed in the incident.

“I had shrapnel that went through my … foot into my left knee and I had a hole in the back of my left leg,” Laberge said. “I had a superficial wound above my right knee and I also had shrapnel that went into my arm, broke off the end of my radius, broke up a couple of bones in my wrist and essentially shattered my thumb.”

Cpl. Laberge went on to get through those injuries and traumatic brain injury causing memory loss. While he does not know how he will recover Cpl. Laberge is carrying on. His spirits are lifted when Jay Leno shows up with a new Hellcat and later reveals that the car is Cpl. Laberge’s to keep. Good stuff!!!

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