Edmunds: Do Not Buy a New Fisker Ocean

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Edmunds recently published a cautionary piece regarding the 2023 Fisker Ocean SUV, advising against purchasing it due to uncertainties surrounding Fisker’s future. Despite significant price reductions, Edmunds strongly discourages potential buyers from considering the Ocean. The article delves into Edmunds’ firsthand experience with the vehicle, highlighting various issues encountered during their ownership period.

Their initial purchase of the Ocean, priced at $69,012, revealed several shortcomings. The SUV suffered from a range of problems, including malfunctioning dash lights, erratic behavior of the key fob, audio system failures, and inadequate hill-hold capabilities. Even after a software update addressed some issues, certain promised features like adaptive cruise control were still missing, while new features introduced their own set of challenges, such as a finicky brake hold system.

Despite the tempting fixed pricing of around $24,999 for dealer inventory, Edmunds emphatically advises against buying the Ocean. Furthermore, recent developments suggest Fisker’s financial uncertainty, with the company withdrawing its financial guidance and forums transitioning away from Fisker-centric discussions. The All Things Fisker forum still exists, but the current trade-in prices thread paints a grim picture, with dealers hesitant to accept the car and trade-in offers plummeting.

The Fisker Ocean is not the only electric vehicle facing issues; the Cybertruck Owners Club’s Issues, Repairs, Warranty, and Recalls page documents a myriad of problems with Tesla’s Cybertruck. These issues range from technical malfunctions to build quality concerns, emphasizing the potential risks associated with purchasing any electric vehicle plagued by manufacturing defects.

Edmunds’ cautionary tale serves as a reminder to thoroughly research and consider all aspects before investing in a new vehicle, especially when uncertainties surround the manufacturer’s future and quality control issues persist within the industry.


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