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Klaus Bischoff Has The Best Job In The World

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Just a guess, but Klaus Bischof probably loves his job. As Director of Porsche’s “Rolling Museum”, he spends his days saying “Ja” or “Nein” to requests from around the world to display classic Porsche racecars at festivals and events. I’d be willing to guess that he’s driven most of the classic Porsches himself, at famous racetracks around the world, just to “warm up the engine” or “get the flat spots” off the tires. Judging from the video, the man is certainly a subject expert on anything relating to Porsche and racing, and you get the feeling that Bischof could answer any Porsche related question you throw his way. I’ve been lucky enough to tour the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, so I’ve seen variants of a lot of the cars in the video. I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk past them every morning, coffee in hand, as you make your way to your desk. Enjoy almost nine minutes of classic racing Porsche porn below.

I’ve never lasted at any one employer longer than five years, but Bischof has been at it for 43 years. He started as a mechanic in Porsche’s racing division back in 1968, and today he’s the man behind a priceless array of Porsche cars. If I was in his shoes, I suspect I wouldn’t be in any hurry to leave, either.


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